By giving consistently, you can commit to the transformation of Binghampton and improving the quality of life for all members of the community. Provide opportunities, resources, and hope for Binghampton residents. Planned giving helps us carry out our mission and better serve and empower community members. Additionally, your regular gift reminds you of your investment in the community.

Give Now

3 years. 3 programs. $300,000. The BDC wants to ensure funding for 3 crucial programs. Construction Job Training, Parents As Teachers, and Cornerstone after-school programs are making a significant impact in the lives of Binghampton residents. Join the team and make a long-term commitment to this community by making a 3-year pledge. All new donors and recurring pledges are matched by our Engage Binghampton Campaign.

Pledge to make a difference



Give a gift today that will help improve the lives of Binghampton residents. If you are a new donor, this gift will be matched so $1 becomes $2 and $500 becomes $1000. Your contribution will impact the community and work towards revitalizing and building a better Binghampton.



Start your impact now



Use your time, talents, interests, and gifts to invest in Binghampton. From weeding at the Urban Farms to tutoring children at Cornerstone, there are multiple opportunities to build relationships and provide for those around you. Find a way that you can use your strengths and resources to revitalize Binghampton. Just fill out this form below to get started.

Be sure to let us know how you might be interested in helping out!

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Stay up-to-date with the most recent happenings in Binghampton. We want to share with you how God is working in the community so you can experience the incredible work and progress that is happening daily. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook for regular communication to more fully engage you in Binghampton.


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